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Rebecca Masterson, blog

SHE NAILED IT!!!! Amanda Bills got Xia's humor and goofiness and messy free-to-be-me-ness. She even inked his hair green in the final. I love this so much & you should all hire her to paint your kids' little inner selves!

Darcy Olsen, Generation Justice

Bonus: She can make you younger than you are, better looking, less cranky... She can make your kids into super heroes. These make really special gifts for your boyfriend, grandparents, you name it. She can do just about anything.

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Delight those dearest to you with a personalized portrait 


Show off your style by displaying original art on your wall or send one as a thoughtful gift. Each portrait is as unique as each family.

made with love

Custom Portraits


Finish options include inked drawing, watercolor painting, or digital painting. There are even custom greeting card options, so you may share your love with others! 


I'm happy to work with special requests, simply include your idea in the email for a quote.


The process begins when you select a style and size option. You'll then send photos for me to use reference--and they don't have to all be in one photo, I can group them together from multiple pictures!  It's optional to add a few key words to describe each member, but it helps me realize their inner character. 


A drawing on 11x14in archival paper or print is finished in the style of your choice. A piece is usually completed and shipped in less than two weeks.

$45 - $250

Price ranges according to style of finish and members included in the art. Inquire for a quote.

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